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The Walking Dead Season 4
The Walking Dead Season 4

The Walking Dead Season 4



The Walking Dead Season 4

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THIS WEEK EPISODE 8 '' Too Far Gone''


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episode 8 preview

The title "Too Far Gone" suggests that someone is past the point of redemption and probably refers to the Governor. Last season he was ruthless and even though in season 4 he started out being a hopeless loner, having a new family and wanting to protect them at all costs is not only turning him back into the man he once was, but he could end up much worse.

So far he has killed two members of the camp and is their new leader. He isn't being truthful to any of them. Not only did he keep his secret from Lilly, Tara and Meghan, he also lied about his name. On "The Walking Dead" mid-season finale, sneak peeks show that he will give a speech to the camp members telling more lies. He tells them that Rick and the prison group are murderers and thieves. He says that they set his camp on fire and murdered his daughter. He fails to mention that his daughter was actually a zombie that he was keeping chained up. He is getting them riled up so they will attack the prison with full force.

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episode 7 preview

Last week, The Walking Dead Season 4 Episode 6 “Live Bait,” featured the highly-anticipated return of The Governor. The episode attracted 12 million viewers, which was a slight drop from the previous week, but still good enough to be the most-watched cable show of the week.

In the sneak peek below, you are surprisingly not going to see The Governor make some sort of bold move and try to murder anyone; instead, it is about a mysterious discovery that he makes in the woods, and how both he and everyone else are completely befuddled at what they find. This is not something that should ever exist in any universe, so to suddenly see it in this context has to be pretty horrifying. Then again, these people to be fair are probably a little bit better-equipped to handle it than someone within the world of “Two and a Half Men” would be. They’d just make fart jokes about it.

But how will all of this end up connecting him to the prison again? We already know that he is watching it, and the question that most inquiring minds want to know is who he is watching it with, and what his endgame now. Is he looking to try and overtake the place again, or just get sanctuary there for Lily or some of her new friends? We’re still as tough as they come, but he’s definitely not the same sort of powerful supervillain-wannabe that he was during the latter half of season 3. This is a completely different sort of beast that we are dealing with here.

With that, we bring you to some more teasers when it comes to “The Walking Dead” and The Governor. In the photo here, you can see both a new photo from this episode along with a discussion about whether or not this character can ever change, and be different than the incarnation that we have spent so much time coming to know.

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Episode 6 preview


As though the closing moments in last night’s episode of The Walking Dead weren’t enough of a hint, the preview for next week’s “Live Bait” make it even clearer. He is back. Maybe he’s been back for a while, we don’t really know, but he’s definitely back now and just in time, as Rick’s people are just starting to overcome their most recent challenge. I’m going to assume the Governor didn’t know that Rick’s group was suffering a life-threatening outbreak, because if his plan was (and is) vengeance, he would’ve had no easier time to infiltrate the prison and cut that group down than in the past few days when some of the best fighters were off sight and others were stuck in bed.

Maybe he’s not the kind of guy who shoots fish in a barrel though. Either way, based on the preview and the sneak peek below, it’s looking like “Live Bait” will focus — at least in part — on the Governor’s return and possibly what he’s been up to in the interim? I think that’s where this video factors in, as it looks like it might be from not long after the Governor took off.

As excited as I am that this character is finally returning — we’ve been expecting him to show up at some point, since we learned last Spring that David Morrissey had been promoted to series regular for Season 4 — I’m also really excited to see the anticipated confrontation between Rick and Daryl about Carol. During last night’s episode, Daryl asked about Carol the moment he got back, which is understandable given that they’re close and considering just how bad things can go in a short amount of time.





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Episode 5 preview

Rick returns to the prison to discover that nearly everyone who was isolated in death row is either sick or close to death. Hershel and Glenn do what they can to help, but Glenn finally collapses, so Sasha, who is near death lends a hand.

Just like a previous spoiler for "Internment" indicated, Hershel ends up speaking to Dr. S, who shows him a box he brought into the cell block that contains a gun and ammunition. Hershel says it won't come to that, but Dr. S seems to be a bit more realistic about the situation.

Outside, the fences are close to collapsing due to all the zombies pressing on them. Rick and Maggie decide to use logs to try and brace them. While they are doing that, Rick tells her why he sent Carol on her way and she understands his reasoning. Suddenly they hear gunfire and Rick tells Maggie to go ahead and find out what happened. She tells him that he can't brace the fences by himself, but he says that he will be fine even though the walkers are pushing against the fences even harder. Rick runs towards Carl so he can help, but then the fence collapses and a horde of zombies make their way in.

Inside the prison, nearly everyone on death row has turned into a walker. A Woodbury survivor collapses and Hershel rushes over to help him, but he gets distracted by screams. The man ends up dying and turns quickly, then attacks Hershel, who struggles to survive.

Maggie can't get into death row and she ends up breaking the viewing glass to save Glenn, Hershel and Sasha. She immediately kills several walkers.

Outside, Rick and Carl are killing as many zombies as they can, but the number of them is more than they can handle, so they run.

Hershel, Glenn and Sasha survive "Internment" and at the end of the episode, Daryl, Michonne, Tyreese and Bob finally return with the medication only to discover the chaos. Tyreese asks about his sister and is told she is barely hanging on.

The next day Daryl asks Hershel about the whereabouts of Carol, but he doesn't want to tell him. He tells Daryl to talk to Rick about it.

The very last scene shows a man in the forest watching the chaos unfold at the prison. The man just happens to be the Governor.








Episode 4 preview


Last week's episode ended with Daryl leaving his car after being swarmed by zombies and Carol making a shocking admission to Rick: She killed Karen and David. AMC has released three sneak previews of the episode to come, and they've revealed that Rick and Carol go supply hunting outside of the prison. Rick enters a home to get all the medical supplies, only to learn that he and Carol are not alone in the home. A walker almost kills Carol and a door in the house has another individual: Is it a walker or a human? Meanwhile, Daryl, Michonne, Bob and Tyreese make it to a building which resembles a school. The hallways are clear, but its safe to say that the rooms are not. Additionally, someone else at the prison will die in this episode as a mystery body is shown being dragged around. Whose body is it?


This week episode 4 name “Indifference”

Daryl, Michonne, Bob and Tyreese managed to make it to some sort of school building (hopefully the veterinary school). But like Carol and Rick, they’re not alone. The mission group has to move quick because while the hallways may currently be cleared, the rooms are not.


we can see Rick and Carol on their solo run as they make their way through a house, raiding the medicine cabinets for anything and everything they can find. Will Rick grill Carol about her decision to murder Karen and David? Does he even approve of what he did?







 episode 3 preview

Last week, The Walking Dead Season 4 Episode 2 “Infected” attracted 13.9 million total viewers. While the ratings numbers were down slightly from the Season 4 Premiere, they were still high enough to be the second highest rated episode of the series ever.


On the “Isolation” episode of The Walking Dead, a group leaves the prison to search for supplies, and the remaining members of the group deal with recent losses.







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Episode 2 preview

The hit TV show "The Walking Dead" has returned for season 4 with the premiere episode last weekend. This Sunday, season 4 episode 2 will premiere on AMC and there are tons of spoilers circulating around the Internet about Glenn and Maggie, Rick and Carol, and the virus. Will Rick find out Carol's big secret? Will the virus mutate and infect all of the survivors? The episode IS called "Infected" after all.


The show's creator, Robert Kirkman, has told fans that a character that we all know and love will die this episode. Will it be Carol or the governor? Amanda Lynne at wrote, "While it's already been confirmed that many secondary characters will bite the dust, Kirkman says that fans will 'definitely' see a beloved character die. Okay, now we're scared. Who is it going to be? Our first guess right away is the governor. Michone is hot on his trailer, and tracking him in order to kill him, and we know he's a threat that the gang will have to take care of. However, other rumored deaths this season include Carol and Glen. We're hoping this isn't true because we love Glen, and want to see his epic romance with Maggie play out."






In Season 4, beginning on Sunday night, things are different. Not only are our heroes still at the prison, but they’ve also settled in and made themselves at home. There’s now a decision-making council to set rules for the growing population, swollen by stragglers. Meals are cooked in a communal kitchen, and children are going to school. Several new romances have bloomed (though not all will survive).


This is no longer Leader Rick; this is Farmer Rick, a man who seems well enough content to listen to his headphones and quietly enjoy something else that he has come to find the beauty in: Farming. He’s going his music, the sunshine, and peace now that the immediate pain of death has passed. With that in mind, he’s happy assomeone can be in the middle of a zombie apocalypse, who has found his way to swim out of the blood that he was temporarily drowning in.


One of the beautiful things that this scene does so right as producing this sort of peace and tranquility at first around something as deadly as the walkers. You see them at first, but Rick still has his music on and they are nothing more than spectators to his event. Then, you see him pull a gun out of the dirt, and briefly remove on of the earbuds. When you can actually hear the zombie moans and groans, the tone and feeling of the entire scene in some ways changes for us. You no longer get the feeling that this is a place that has figured everything out; they’ve just got a a band-aid on a problem that is never really going to go away.


If the rest of season 4 has this same sort of craft and sensory stimulation involved in it, we’re going to be pretty darn thrilled with it. This at least helps to alleviate some fears that the show was going to suffer out with yet another new showrunner at the helm. For whatever reason, we just continue to see high-quality TV, and over ten million viewers can’t be wrong when it comes to it.


Things are going to change eventually for Rick; as Andrew Lincoln teased recently, there is a major event coming later this season that will devastate his world and all that he knows.